Just some random thoughts.

Sometime when I was in the crowded car of the underground. I often think:

“What if someone here can actually read my mind?”

Then I started to observe. Keep looking around for weird eye contacts.

The thought process here is really straightforward, right? If someone can read my mind. They would have noticed that I noticed them about the mind reading. So they might check on me a bit. But at the same time, I thought if they did find out, they are not stupid enough to act weirdly to expose themselves. Then I thought. They might find my thought process immaturely funny, so they might laugh or smile? Then I started to find someone that was happen to laugh or smile at that moment.

Sometimes I’ll start actively thinking about something like “Hey mind readers. Don’t be scared. I not a ‘fuck this is cool I’m gonna tweet this’ type of people. So just tell me the truth that I suspected for ages. Come on, cooooooooome ooooooon.” Just to trick them. But it never worked.

And when I did find any weird looks coming back from some of the strangers (got to be coincident BTW) I will intentionally think about something really rude or offensive to that person and see how they respond. Or just that tiny little facial expression, that could be leaked out by human nature. And sometimes, well most of the times, nothing changed. So I will go more towards to the nasty side. God I’m awful…

It’s kinda mind boggling that sometimes some of the individuals, they did respond to me. But I guess that was mostly because of the uncomfortable starring that started by me.

And then I realized. If someone can read my mind. They would have noticed all these thought process that beaming around my tiny brain. They will probably just do a “meh” (of course, in their mind) then walk away in silent.

That’s depressing.

Oops. I missed my stop while writing this.

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