About Me

(Used to be pro pufhahahahahah, nah, but now definitely an amateur) Photographer shooting streets, candids, events, cons (not really any more), Cosplays (not anymore), Kigurumi (yummy) and some other types of portraits.


  • Former geek. Since now geeking is too expensive, sort of.
  • (No longer) An Apple Fanboy, (No longer) a loyal Nikon Shooter. (I fuckin love Fujifilm though, yum yum.
  • (No longer) An OTAKU with (but still have) numbers of fetishes. (Take a look at my Flickr, you will know. Prep yourself first, you have been warned.
  • (Still, yes, fucking still) learning Japanese, graphic design (basically means copying) and some other (not really useful) computer stuffs.

Contents are available on Getty Images or Exhibition Hall.


Social Networks

Flickr: flickr.beryl.me

Twitter: @Beryl_snw


iMessage, Facetime Audio & Email: beryl.public@icloud.com

Telegram: @Beryl_snw

Reserve a Photo Shoot

assignments, independent projects or model petitions are welcomed
(but, honestly, now I pretty much only take Kigurumi related shootings and projects. Simply
not enough time to take care of the rest)